6 Week Painting Class

Zac Retz
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Start date Sep-13-2022. Classes will take place on zoom live 9:00am PST Tuesdays. Classes will run for about 2 hours. We will communicate outside of class and share HW on a designated Discord channel.

HOW IT WORKS: I will announce when the next live class will start on my social medias. You can purchase this class at any time and watch the previously recorded lessons AND you can join the live classes when I teach them. You only buy the class once and you can continue to join the classes whenever I teach. Each time I teach this class, I will replace the recorded lessons so you will always have the most current recordings.

GET READY TO PAINT A LOT AND LEVEL UP AS AN ARTIST! Join me as we do tons of studies / quick paintings, analyze great art, start painting more efficiently and better!

This is a class focused on studying and ways to continually improve as an artist no matter what skill level you are at. We may talk about Visdev a bit, but in this class we are purely focused on just painting. We look at ways to improve values, color, composition, design, brushwork, and efficiency. Each week we will look at master paintings, photography, and screenshots from movies. We will learn how to analyze what make the images great and how we can translate these elements to our own work. We will look at different painting techniques, from painterly, to graphic. We will learn how to build our own painting style and how to combine references to create original / unique art. 

Each week there will be a short lesson, then demo for the remainder of class. Classes will be 2 hours long. Each class will be recorded and uploaded to gumroad so you can watch at any time. All PSDs, brushes and materials will also be uploaded. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions during class.

This is a class for any skill level but I do recommend you take my “intro the Photoshop and Values” class first. Feel free to use any software you want (photoshop, Heavy Paint, Procreate…) or even traditional.

Email me with any questions zacretz@gmail.com


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6 Week Painting Class

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