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8 Week Visdev 1 Class (With Feedback)

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With Feedback version! Each week in the beginning of class I will look at your HW, answer any questions, and do paintovers. You will join the live class, Q &A, and have access to class recordings.

Start date Feb-10-2024. Classes will take place on zoom live 9:00am PST Saturdays. Classes will run for 2.5-3 hours. We will communicate and send HW through designated discord server or email.

HOW IT WORKS: I will announce when the next live class will start on my social medias. You can purchase this class at any time and watch the previously recorded lessons AND you can join the live classes when I teach them. You only buy the class once and you can continue to join the classes whenever I teach. Each time I teach this class, I will replace the recorded lessons so you will always have the most current recordings.

-This is a large college level course. In this course we will learn how to start creating bold cinematic visdev paintings for animated movies. This is the class I wish I had when I was in school!

I will break down the fundamentals in simple, easy to manage sections.

-Each week there will be homework that allows you to practice topics and build on what we have learned. 

Week1 intro, value simplification

Week2 value extended

Week3 composition

Week4 perspective / camera

Week5 color

Week6 visdev sketching /storytelling

Week7 visdev shapes

Week8 visdev finished paintings / overview

Who should take this class?

Beginner to mid level or someone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals or see my approach to painting. If you are brand new to digital painting, I recommend that you take my "Intro the Photoshop and Values" class first. In Visdev 1, we will touch on the basics giving you a good understanding of these topics so you can build on these even after the class is done. Class size will be kept at 25 students so I will have the time to work with all of you and provide feedback. 

What you need? Any painting app, a computer with tablet or an iPad. (I will be painting in Photoshop so I will go over some PS tools but PS is not necessary.)

Any questions, please email me:

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8 Week Visdev 1 Class (With Feedback)

6 ratings